• Business Tax

Business Tax

In Jamaica tax legislation and regulation of the business environment are subject to constant changes requiring expert advice and planning to cope with these changes. Wherever possible, BDO advises our clients to maximise any benefits from specific incentives and other allowances built into these laws and regulations.
Our services include:
⦁    The preparation and review of corporate and individual tax returns, including those of expatriate personnel working in Jamaica.
⦁    Advice on the impact of new taxation legislation.
⦁    Advice and assistance in tax planning.
⦁    Appraisal of the tax implications of management decisions.
⦁    Assistance with the application of international revenue laws and double taxation agreements.
⦁    Advice and assistance in relation to disputes with the tax authorities.
⦁    Advice on incentives available to local and foreign investors, and assistance in processing applications.